Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was just wondering...?

i've been datin my girl for 2 weeks now, and she decided for my bday this sunday, that she would give me a bj. but i recently developed a skin rash on my upper thighs. its not an std or antything bad. Should i be worried about her seeing it? or should i just act like its nothin?|||hahah thats a awsome birthday present!

well i would go to the store and get some Hydrocortezone (i dunno how to spell it)

and take a nice oat meal bath, then rub some mild lotion on it and it will go away.

i would really try to clear it up, you don't want to look dirty. (im not saying you are at all) its just she might look at it and think something.

oor.. she might not even care! just give her a heads up.|||Hope it goes away, because you don't want her catching it either.|||If its still there by the time she gives you a bj..DOnt, not only is it embarrasing for you its embarresing for her.

Grass makes me sooo itchy!?

i was rolling around the grass today, and i think i got really itchy from it. water doesnt help or anything, and now from all the scratching i have bumps! i had skin rash the 3 days ago too. however its still remains bumpy... i dont understand? can u please help.|||It is possible there could have been a pesticide or fertilizer or something to that effect in the grass and you could have been allergic to that! I would try taking some benadryll and if that doesn't help I would go visit the local pharmacist so they could maybe help you more. Also some calamine lotion could help the rash.|||I think most people get reactions from grass. You can use a medicated anti itch lotion like Gold Bond to ease the itch and soothe the rash. If your problem persists, call a doc. And in the more rolling in the grass :-)|||Happens to everybody. Maybe it's the fertilizer chemicals.

Need help with weird symptoms?

Hi im 20 yrs old and ive been gettin chest wall tenderness, as well as lower back tenderness and abdominal tenderness. i also get chronic burping and i my armpits and groin used to hurt every now and then but not anymore and some muscle pains sometimes. lately ive been gettin headaches but i doubt that it has anything to do with the other symptoms. i also get skin rash but thats another one that i dont know if it has anything to do with it.|||Some of the symptoms sound like you have an ulcer or some other inflammation in your kidneys. And to some extent your symptoms would indicate heart distress, at least in an older man. I strongly recommend that you see a doctor first thing in the morning. Do not delay.|||you are getting weak...are you allergic to anything to get rash see doctor|||I'm pretty sure it would be a better idea to see a doctor instead of asking serious medical questions on Yahoo! Answers.|||Chronic Hypochondria

Do i have lupus?

i have a skin rash that is on my stomach, arms and back. i was tested for autoimmune, my doc thinks i am negative, however i had a ANA of 1:160, pattern of mixed: homogenous %26amp; speckled, and had an ESR of 4. i'm not sure if these values are good, or should i see a specialist?|||You should see a specialist. Lupus is hard to diagnose. It falls under a larger umbrella of autoimmune disorders. Look up lupus symptoms on; this should not take the place of a visit to the specialist but it will give you an idea of what to look for and questions to ask the doctor when you see him.|||See a dermatologist first and consider a rheumatologist next. A person can have a negative ANA and still have lupus. Skin involvement is diagnose by biopsy. There is NO DEFINITIVE lab test for lupus. Your doc "thinks" you are negative? Interesting. In the mean time stay out of the sun, period. Best wishes.|||You will need to see a Rheumatologist. They specialize in Lupus and all arthritis.

Do i have hiv?

i got this skin rash that is ringworm i guess...and i was looking it up on the interent and wondering why all of a sudden i'm sick too i've been coughing for the past 2 weeks and my throat is sore...and i'm getting sick I AM SO SCARED I HAVE hiv because this is all hitting me at once...and i have a lot of the symptoms HELP|||Ringworm rashes have circles on the skin because that is the worm under your skin. Ringowrm is not a symptom of the first stages of HIV. In fact, HIV doesn't really have any symptoms. If it does at all, they will be a mono-like illness that includes a high fever for a long period of time (a day or two), night sweats, slight neuropathy, swollen lymph nodes and being extremely tired. If you have had any of these symptoms and unprotected sex, or used injection drugs at any time in your life, then i strongly suggest you get tested in order to be safe and have sound mind.|||have you had unprotected sex with someone recently. you should get tested anyway, have you had unprotected sex with some one???????|||Get test that will solve one problem|||The only way to know is to go and get tested. Knowing yes or no is much better than worrying.|||The best thing to do is put your mind at rest by having a test.|||Ringworm is a fungus. You should be seen by a doctor before it spreads because it will make your hair fall out. As for the other symptoms - you may have a virus or an allergy. Just go to the doctor and get a diagnosis to put your mind a t ease.|||The only way to calm your fears is to have an HIV blood test. You can buy them in a pharmacy.|||The only way to know is to get tested..And if your this scared then that's what you need to do . Plus it will put your mind at ease Good Luck|||Hi, the best things is to get it tested, i know u heard this a couple of time but thats the best answer. Before u went for a test ask urself the following question:

1. Do u have unprotected sex with any sex worker or someone u just met or of the same sex.

2. Do u have prolonged fewer, diarhhea....

if yes to both get it tested right away....|||This could be a lot of things. The only thing you can do is get tested.|||you won't know unless u get tested. scarlett johanssen gets tested for hiv twice a year.|||Get tested immediately. You shouldn't just let the conditions worsen. See a doctor now.|||Ringworm itches and the rash will have red ring-shaped welts - hence the name. Just need an anti-fungal cream the doc can give you for that. If left untreated, it can spread over your body and be very unpleasant.

Please go to the doc - stress may be causing the rash you have - it's the surest way to ease your mind. Get tested.|||umm duh go to the doctor, do you expect us to take your blood and tell you if you slept with one to many and got aids?

For an Asian male without much hair on their chest...?

I do not have much dark hair on my chest, only light, thin hairs. Is it normal to have small bumps/ ingrown hair looking bumps on your chest. Could this be related to HIV symptoms of skin rash? Or is this a normal thing to have when growning hair on your chest?|||everyone is different. but no it is not hiv, its normal|||LOL! I think you should exfoliate 'cause that can happen from dead skin cells. Get that scrubbing thing we all have in the shower and scrub. If the bump is huge like abnormally then you should go see a doctor. I think it's just dead skin cells trapping the hair. :D|||it's normal.So dont worry bcoz i also have light thin hairs all over my body(-_-").That bumps is not related to hiv.

What is Pityriaras Roesa and where does it come from?.?

this is a skin rash which appears mildly at first then over a period of 10 days it covers your entire body,it is very uncomfortable with constant itch and burning.|||Pityriasis rosea is a rash that occurs most commonly in people between the ages of 10 and 35, but may occur at any age. The rash can last from several weeks to several months. Usually there are no permanent marks as a result of this condition, although some darker-skinned persons may develop long-lasting flat brown spots that eventually fade. It may occur at anytime of year, but pityriasis rosea is most common in the spring and fall.

Signs and Symptoms

Pityriasis rosea usually begins with a large, scaly, pink patch on the chest or back, which is called a "herold" or "mother" patch. It is frequently confused with ringworm, but antifungal creams do not help because it is not a fungus.

Within a week or two, more pink patches appear on the chest, back, arms, and legs. Patches may also occur on the neck, but rarely on the face. The patches are oval and may form a pattern over the back that resembles the outline of a Christmas tree. Sometimes the disease can produce a very severe and widespread skin eruption. About half the patients will have some itching, especially when they become warm. Physical activities like jogging and running, or bathing in hot water, may cause the rash to temporarily worsen or become more obvious. There may be other symptoms including fatigue and aching. The rash usually fades and disappears within six to eight weeks, but can sometimes last much longer.|||I had that not too long ago! I was freaked out at first as well. Don't worry it just looks bad for a couple weeks. I did some research and found that the sun really helps get rid of it. About 15-20 minutes a day in the sun will help get rid of the rash and zap it!!! I didn't have any bad itching or burning that I can recall, i put lotions and stuff on it but the sun is finally what worked.|||The first answer is a very good description. One more point to add. Usually it will have a very distinct pattern across the entire back - that of a Christmas Tree. The sun is the best treatment to dry it up. My son only had it for about 2 weeks and it was gone but he went shirtless in the sun most of the time. He never complains and when asked if it itched he only said a little. I put some Benedryl cream on it and he said that helped. He also said it helped to immediately take a shower after coming in. His physician said Dial soap was best.|||Pityriasis Rosea - Patient UK

Pityriasis Rosea is a rash thought to be caused by virus. Although the rash can be quite dramatic, the illness is very mild. It commonly affects young adults, but can affect all ages. It goes away on its own without any treatment. ... What are the symptoms of pityriasis rosea? Most people don't feel unwell

My 18 yr old son had this condition 3 months ago - he is totally ok now